Клуб коллекционеров: фигурки для членов клуба

School Sports Day Cheerleaders. Две коллекционные фигурки сильваниан.

Клуб коллекционеров: две фигурки для членов клуба, в свободную продаже не поступающие. Фигурки "детского" размера (не взрослые, а чуть меньше, около 6 см), в костюмах группы поддержки.

Фигурки и их описание на английском языке.

Набор называется School Sports Day Cheerleaders. Спортивный необычный набор.

Mikaela Renard
Mikaela is the real outdoor type who just loves camping and rambling. She joined the Brownies when she was very young and is now a very keen Girl Guide who would love to live in a tent if only her mother would let her!

Renee Sparkle
Known as Ruby to her friends is a very charismatic rabbit. She is a model student at school and is a shining example to all her classmates. Always writing stories and making up games for everyone to play, her favourite pastime is dancing and she can always be found wherever loud music is being played. She loves costume jewellery and dressing up.

Приветствие новым коллекционерам.

Приветствие для вступающих в клуб сильваниан:

Enclosed you will find all your special club goodies - your membership certificate to frame and hang on your wall, your very own club badge so that you can show all your friends that you are a member, and of course your club exclusive School Sports Day Cheerleaders, Mikaela Renard and Renee Sparkle. You can learn all about your new friends from their information page which is enclosed.

You will also find enclosed your first edition of the Collectors Club Magazine which is packed with exciting news from Sylvania, along with our catalogue, which shows many of the SyWanian items we sell here at the SyWanian Families Shop and are also available for you to order. I'm so pleased that you have decided to join the club, and I'm sure that you will have lots of fun being a member!

Фото фигурок:

Набор коллекционера Sylvanian Families.

Упаковка - пакет.

Со спины.

These two have teamed up to support their school friends on sports day with lots of screams and shouts of encouragement.

На фото в пакетике вверху также и маленький коллекционный значок.

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