5 новых семей Sylvanian Families 2015

В 2015 году появились в продаже (в Великобритании, но стоит ожидать и в России) целых ПЯТЬ новых семеек Sylvanian Families. Смотрите на фото.

Часть этих семей знакомы, они уже появлялись в продаже в США, но в России мы этих семеек ещё не видели, теперь будем очень ждать.

Итак, ожидаем появления в продаже такие наборы:

Brightfield Goat Family - семья козочек, версия 2015 года. В 2015 этот набор особенно актуален, т.к. козы/овцы - это символ 2015.

Father Billy Brightfield has moved to Sylvania to take up the job of postman. As Sylvania has grown so much over the last few years with more families moving into the village, Pete and Sam, the existing postmen, just cannot keep up with all the mail! Billy is very conscientious and makes sure everyone’s mail is always delivered on time.

Mother Nancy Brightfield
loves to sew and make tablecloths and curtains for her family home. She is currently making up a large order of gingham cushions for the reading corner at Forest Nursery for the pupils to sit on at story time.

Sister Mandy Brightfield
likes reading and writing letters to her friends. Seeing them at school every day just isn't enough for Mandy, and she is constranly jotting down her thoughts and sharing them with her friends. She keeps her father Billy very busy delivering all her letters, but she always makes sure she puts a stamp on!

Baby sister Jenny Brightfield is never happier than when outdoors and loves to go to Primrose Park to play after nursery every day.

Fenton Yellow Labrador Family - семья собачек, жёлтые лабрадоры.

Father Barker Fenton loves to play games. He gets even more absorbed in playing catch or tag than the children. He also likes toys, and has many toys that he used to play with when he was a boy lined up in his den.

Mother Lucy Fenton likes reading stories to her little ones, but at night she sometimes falls asleep before the babies do! Lucy also reads books at the nursery, so the babies always look forward to seeing her for story time.

Brother Buddy Fenton is a bit of a daddy's boy and wants to be with his father all the time. His favourite thing is a stuffed toy his father gave him when he was little. He still sleeps with it at night, but he keeps that a secret from his friends because he's a little embarrassed to admit it.

Sister Sadie Fenton likes to wear pretty clothes that match those that her friends are wearing. Her favourite dress is the one that matches her mother Lucy's dress. She always wears it when the family goes out together at weekends.

Polaris Polar Bear Family. Полярные (белые) медведи Сильваниан Фэмилис. Долгожданный набор!

Mother Barbara Polaris is a baker and makes delicious treats. She is well-known for her strawberry ice cream cakes and chocolate eclairs.

Father Peter Polaris
is one of the best fishermen in town. He loves the sea and telling his family about his adventures on his boat.

Sister Julia Polaris likes spending time at home knitting. She knits beautiful sweaters, gloves, and scarves for her friends and family.

Baby Sister Beth Polaris
is always eating, especially ice cream! She also likes snuggling in her bed with her favourite pink blanket that her big sister knitted for her.

Sandy Striped Cat Family - семья полосатых кошек сильваниан, также к ним есть дополнения - малыши.

Father Simon Sandy is sporty, and especially enjoys marine sports. Whenever he has time, he takes his family to spend time at their summer house by the seaside. In summer, he teaches marine sports to groups of children from Sylvanian Village at the Sea Breeze Cape.

Mother Amelia Sandy really likes fruit - even her favourite clothes have fruit patterns! She enjoys going fruit picking and makes delicious meals and desserts with her freshly picked produce. Her homemade fruit ice cream is her children's favourite.

Brother Shane Sandy
is very brave and wants to be an explorer when he grows up. He likes to play exploring on Adventure Island with his friends. He sometimes worries his parents by climbing up tall trees and going into dark caves.

Sister Sabrina Sandy
is an active girl who loves to ride her bicycle while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Sea Breeze Cape. When she stays at the Sea Breeze Cape, she exchanges letters with her good friend Freya Chocolate. She and Freya have pretty pink shell brooches that match. Sabrina's friendship brooch is very special to her.

Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family - долгожданная семья кошек Такседо, чёрно-белые, в семействе две девочки, также в продаже отдельно есть и малыши. Tuxedo - фешенебельный район в Нью-Йорке, и кошечки этому шикарному образу соответствуют.

Father Mason Marlowe is very giving and kind and loves spending time with his family. Mason is the tennis coach in Sylvania and teaches tennis to Sylvanians of all ages.

Mother Natalie Marlowe used to be a ballroom dancer in her youth and now loves teaching ballroom dancing to other Sylvanians. Natalie's other love is fashion. She keeps up with all the latest trends and enjoys shopping at the village boutiques as a weekend treat!

Sister Lily Marlowe
is a lot like her mother and loves to shop for pretty dresses. She loves to dress up and always looks beautiful at the school dance. Lily dreams of being a famous dancer when she is older.

Sister Rose Marlowe is more like her father. She is very athletic and her favourite sport is tennis - in fact, Rose is her father Mason's star pupil and always has been!